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Chinas infrastructure

As most people have'nt been to China, and will only know China from whatever the mass media show, its most likely that you only have a very weak idear about moderne China.

This page can give you a shortcut to some fascinating aspects of modern China in 21. century. Enjoy the trip :-)

Chinese infrastructure - past and present

The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications that were built across the historical northern borders of ancient Chinese states and Imperial China as protection against various nomadic groups from the Eurasian Steppe. It is an ancient series of walls and fortifications, totaling more than 20.000 km in length, located in northern China. The Great Wall has been the site of multiple battles and skirmishes between the Chinese and various peoples across history, including the Xiongnu during the Qin dynasty, the Khitans during the Song dynasty, and the Mongols during the Ming dynasty. The wall as is seen today was build during the early Ming Dynasty around 1400.
The Grand Canal
The Grand Canal is a vast waterway system in the north-eastern and central-eastern plains of China, running from Beijing in the north to Zhejiang province in the south. It was built to transport surplus grain from the agriculturally rich Yangtze and Huai river valleys to feed the capital cities and large standing armies in northern China¹. The oldest parts of the canal date back to the 5th century BC, but the various sections were first connected during the Sui dynasty (581–618 AD)². The Grand Canal is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is the world's longest man-made canal, stretching 1,794 kilometers¹.
South-North Water Transfer Project
The South-North Water Transfer Project is an ongoing Chinese effort to channel 45 billion m3 of water annually from the Yangtze River in southern China to the country's less fertile northern regions, through three canal systems. The project was conceived in the 1950s by Mao Zedong as an answer to China's water problems. The project aims to divert water from flood-prone southern China to drought-prone and arid northern China. There are two large canals that move water from parts of the Yangtze River in southern China up to parts of northern China³. The project is one of the most ambitious and expensive engineering projects in human history.

China - megacities and villages

Shanghai - Puxi
Pudong - Shanghai

Chinese highspeed trains

China has the world longest highspeed train system in the world - with a total lenght of 42.000 Km, or 2/3 of all highspeed rails in the world. To compare USA has 795 Km og highspeed trains (> 200 km pr. h). China opened its' first line in 2008 from Beijing to Tianjin.

China is planning to expand their highspeed railwaysystem to some 70.000 km by 2035. The current max. speed is up to 350 Km/h - see the blue lines on the map.

China also have the Maglev train that goes from the eastern airport in Shaghai to the citys center. Maglev trains runs at 430 km/ h , and the 30 km journey takes 6 min.

Beijing South Railway Station in Beijing

Chinese metro system

China also have the world longest metro system - with a total lenght of 9.500 km in some 47 cities.

Beijing - with its 22 mio people - have 27 lines , 478 stations and a total lenght of 807 km. The daily passanger number is more than 10 mio. (2019) and a racord of more than 13 mio. passangers on one day.

Shanghais metro system is approx. same size as Beijing - with some 20 lines, 510 stations and a total length of 904 km. Also the number of daily passangers is around 10 mio.

Se the development of Shanghais Metrolines in this animation

Beijing Subway map
Shanghai Subway map
Shenzhen, China’s newest transit hub, Gangxia North Station
A metro station in Beijing
Shanghai Subway Line 14 Yuyuan Station

How do they do it?

Walking buildings, bridges and more..
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Bridges in China

Ruyi Bridge in Shenxianju National Park
Pingtang Grand Bridge in Guizhou province
Hongcun - ancient city